ADHC Unit Costing Tool & Resources

Knowing how to accurately calculate the cost of your services, and pricing them accordingly, will be a critical step to ensuring that your budgeted costs are recovered and your business is sustainable.

ADHC worked collaboratively with NGOs to deliver the Unit Costing Tool project, which has explored and addressed common issues reported by the NGO sector when considering the unit cost of their services. There is no one size fits all approach to unit costing. These resources will help you to understand how best to apply unit costing to your business.  Along with an Excel based unit costing tool,you will find a host of resouces including an introductory guide, webinar, worked example,and tips, board information and fact sheets.

The resources also explore unit costing software options available and offers advice on how to integrate this software with existing systems, as well as providing case studies of 6 NGOs who piloted unit costing software. 

You can access the unit costing resources here.


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