Financial Sustainability

Organisations with the business management capabilities required to thrive in a market-based system will be able to demonstrate good practice across a range of domains that include:

  • On-going access to working capital during transition and beyond.
  • Ability to respond to decreases in demand for services from clients that may lead to decreased revenue.
  • Detailed understanding of cost base and cost drivers.
  • Ability to generate alternative or new streams of revenue.
  • Efficient financial management systems and processes, including debt and cash collection strategies and processes and policies for bad debts.

IDF Resource Tools

Sector Support Consultants

Sector Support Consultants work with service providers individually, ensuring that providers have advice and support that is tailored to their unique circumstances. Consultants can assist with presentations to management teams, to boards and to staff groups about how to become NDIS-ready. 

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NDIS Provider Toolkit

The NDIS Provider Toolkit has been developed to help organisations to transition to the new market and maintain services that are viable and responsive, by helping them to understand and act to anticipate the opportunities and risks awaiting them.

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ADHC Cash Flow Management Tool & Resources

The ADHC NGO Cash Flow Analysis project has explored how NGOs can respond to changes to cash flow associated with the transition. This suite of resources will assist you to effectively identify, forecast and control the flow of money coming in and out of your business.

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ADHC Investment & Loan Financing Tool & Resources

A toolkit that provides additional information, resources and a checklist for your organisation to self-assess your readiness to use loan finance.

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ADHC Unit Costing Tool & Resources

These resources will help you to understand how best to apply unit costing to your business, and explores unit costing software options available that can integrate this software with existing systems

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It's Your Business - Chapter 4 Financial Management

As a Director you need to be aware of your obligations and responsibilities in regard to financial management. This chapter provides you with a practical approach to understanding financial reports and questions that should be asked in accordance with your fiduciary duty.

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It's Your Business - Chapter 7 Fraud Prevention and Control

As a director, it is important to understand the fraud and corruption risks that your organisation could face. Fraud and corruption can undermine the viability of non-government organisations, compromise the delivery of services and breach the trust of stakeholders.

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