NDS Quality Portal

NDS hosts a simple online system that guides service providers through completing their self-assessment against a wide range of standards including the NSW Disability Service Standards.

In addition to online assessments, evidence guides and evidence pack for the NSW Disability Services Standards and other sets of standards; the NDS Quality Portal provides electronic work plans and resources, tools and templates for quality improvement tasks.

The Quality Portal provides a password protected account with:

  • Interactive self-assessments against common community services standards, including the NSW Disability Services Standards
  • Progress monitoring with % score for each assessment and standard
  • Electronic evidence pack enabling load up of evidence and generation of report for Third Party Verification (TPV)
  • Progress overview graphs
  • Automatically generated electronic work plans documenting quality improvement tasks required to meet a particular standard or quality requirement
  • 'How to' resources, guides and templates for use with the work plan, to assist service providers in their compliance work
  • Other community services and health standards - the Portal carries complete cross referencing for the most common community services and health standards, enabling a services provider to complete the work required for multiple sets of    standards by completing just one set of community services standards.

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The Industry Development Fund is delivered by National Disability Services on behalf of Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.