People & Capability

Organisations with the business management capabilities required to thrive in a market-based system will be able to demonstrate good practice across a range of domains that include:

  • A workforce with the appropriate skills and attributes, including frontline staff critical to customer service and management.
  • A culture that embeds person-centred approaches into organisational culture and all aspects of service delivery.
  • Change management capacity.
  • Strategies around attracting, recruiting and retaining suitable staff.

IDF Resource Tools


Workforce Capability Framework

Is your workforce aligned to your business strategy and positioned to meet the future needs of people with disability? Aligning workforce and business strategy is critical to the success and sustainability for organisations providing services under the NDIS.

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Disability Induction Program

The Disability Induction Program is an industry endorsed program designed to assist employers in attracting and retaining talented staff and upskilling existing workers to meet the challenges of the changing disability sector.

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Disability Career Planner

The Disability Career Planner is a visual and interactive tool designed to assist people who are interested in joining the sector, or are already working there, to identify the range of career opportunities across the disability sector.

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Professional Development and Networking

National Disability Professionals (NDP) aims to support the disability workforce, creating and maintaining standards of service delivery and enabling more skilled and knowledgeable staff to better meet the needs of people with disability.

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carecareers is a not-for-profit recruitment initiative aimed at increasing attraction and retention within the community care and disability sector. Our jobs board offers a platform for a broad range of roles within the community sector.

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Employee Engagement

Are your employees engaged during this time of change? Attracting and retaining good staff is as much of a challenge for a disability service provider as for any other organisation. Is your organisation interested in participating in the NDS Employee Engagement Survey?

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Employing a Flexible Workforce in a Person-Centred Environment

One of the biggest challenges for providers will be engaging, supporting, retaining and continuously upskilling a flexible workforce that will meet the needs and wishes of people with disability. If workers and services are unavailable or rationed, the concept of consumer choice and control will have little meaning.

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It's Your Business - Chapter 5 Strategic Human Resources

As a Director, you need to be aware of the obligations and responsibilities that you have accepted in regard to human resource issues that may arise within your organisation. This chapter has been designed to address human resource issues as they impact on the responsibilities of Directors as employers.

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It's Your Business - Chapter 8 Probity in Employment

This chapter provides information relevant to Boards and Directors on probity in the employment process. Probity refers to a range of formal and informal processes which can be used to assess the integrity, character and honesty of prospective employees,

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NDIS Provider Toolkit

The NDIS Roadmap & Organisational Readiness Toolkit has been developed to help organisations to transition to the new market and maintain services that are viable and responsive, by helping them to understand and act to anticipate the opportunities and risks awaiting them.

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Sector Support Consultants

The team of Sector Support Consultants is funded by the IDF to provide individual organisational development advice and guidance to the CEOs and Boards of all ADHC funded NGOs.

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People, Culture and Communication Project

The People, Culture and Communication Project, funded by Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC), addresses the importance of culturally appropriate service delivery and disability sector development needs specifically relating to communication.

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The Industry Development Fund is delivered by National Disability Services on behalf of Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.