Providing Quality Services to People with Disability

Providing quality services to people with disability is your core business. Implementing and maintaining a quality management system is an important part of becoming NDIS ready. Do you have the right systems, processes and people in place to maintain and improve your quality and competitiveness and continuously define, measure and improve outcomes for the people you support?

NDS has put together resources to support your organisation develop and maintain quality systems beyond compliance requirements. You can go through these resources at your own pace and pick topics that are important to your organisation.

  • What is a Quality Management System?

Quality Management is the action an organisation takes to make sure it is always providing the best possible outcomes for the people it supports. The basis of any quality management system is a cycle of continuous improvement. The links below provide more information on quality management systems.

The It's Your Business -Chapter 10 Quality is a resource for Boards, CEOs and Executives that introduces quality from a governance perspective.A series of Webinars based on chapter are also available.  

Webinar 1 - Introducing Quality Management - what is quality management and continuous quality improvement?
Webinar 2 - Monitoring and Measuring Quality - how you can ensure you are always provide the best possible service for the people you support using standards as a way of measuring support.
Webinar 3 - Meeting the Disability Services Standards - identifying what to measure to indicate whether quality is a key part of your operations.
Webinar 4 - Documentation and Reporting - the role of documentation and data in quality management.

  • Features of a Quality Organisation 

What do quality organisations look like?  What are the features of a quality organisation from a client or customers perspective?  Infosheet 1: Features of a Quality Organisation [PDF 164kb][WORD 788KB] discusses these questions. 

  • Quality Maturity 

Where is my Organisation Placed on the quality maturity spectrum? Infosheet 2: Quality Maturity [PDF 164KB][WORD 788KB] explores this question and assists you to identify where your organisation might be located on the quality maturity spectrum and what you can do to develop quality within your organisation.

  • Organisational Learning Driven by Client Feedback

Organisations focused on achieving good outcomes for people they support rely on a range of methods and strategies to maximise opportunities to learn how and where to improve. Infosheet 3: Learning from Feedback [PDF 109KB][WORD 787KB] outlines a number of feedback strategies too implement to ensure a whole of organisation approach to continuous improvement.

  • Mapping the Characteristics of Person Centred Organisations to the NSW Disability Services Standards

Quality Management is fundamental to organisations placing people with a disability at the centre of service delivery. The mapping outlined in Infosheet 4: Person Centred Organisations and the NSW DSS [PDF][WORD] illustrates the degree to which the standards encourage person centred practices.

  • Testimonials

 4 stories from organisations about embedding continuous improvement in their journey to Third Party Verification  [PDF 225KB][WORD 788KB].




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