Organisations with the business management capabilities required to thrive in a market-based system will be able to demonstrate good practice across a range of domains that include:

  • Clear organisational objectives or vision.
  • Culture that promotes person-centred approaches.
  • Business and development plans that include opportunities for partnerships and alliances.
  • Strong leadership and strategic direction in relation to offering relevant services in the market.
  • Scalability (increased or decreased demand) and flexibility to respond to market changes.
  • Sound understanding of competitors in the market.
  • Stakeholder awareness, focus and inclusion.
  • Ability to respond to demand for new and alternative services.

IDF Resource Tools

Sector Support Consultants

Sector Support Consultants work with service providers individually, ensuring that providers have advice and support that is tailored to their unique circumstances. Consultants can assist with presentations to management teams, to boards and to staff groups about how to become NDIS-ready.  The Sector Support Team are funded to provide support through to full scheme transition July 2018.

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Social Impact Measurement Tool

Measuring the social impact of your organisation helps you to understand and communicate the social or economic value that your activity creates. By doing this, the stories of success, can be backed up with facts that prove, and improve the value of your activities.

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NDIS Provider Toolkit

A self-assessment and analysis of key financial ratios. Results can be returned to receive a benchmarking report for their self-assessment.

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Career Planning Capability Framework

Within the framework, jobs in the disability sector are spread across 9 different job families, including but not limited to; direct service delivery, specialist & professional services, corporate & service support and executive management.

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It's Your Business - Chapter 3 Strategic Business Planning

This chapter has been designed to assist Directors in the strategic business planning process. It describes the importance of having a regular cycle of planning, monitoring and evaluation and of thinking beyond the constraints of your current funding. Policy Checklists are included at the end of this chapter.

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NDIS Transition Readiness for Small and Micros Pilot

The team at National Respite were funded through the IDF to run a Pilot to increase organisations knowledge and capability to build economies of size and scope and increase NDIS readiness.

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The Industry Development Fund is delivered by National Disability Services on behalf of Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care.